Violet Hill

Segovia's Notes - Game #6

- on Blue Heaven, had a flash of Reavers while I was with Oliver
- Gavin came running in and was like “REAVERS!”
- we quickly and strategically organized into well thought out and extremely effective squads to engage the enemy…just kidding, we panicked and spent too long and Oliver yelled at us, then we ramshackle figured it out and teleported all over the place
- fought the Reavers, I had the bright idea to try and telepathically merge with them, that failed and I became linked with them, effectively becoming a Reaver myself
- I fought Oliver until Ben ran in and tackled me, I broke his nose and then Oliver called in Gavin who “broke my connection” with the Reavers
- I woke up back on the ship, freaked out
- we saved most people? we think
- Ben is a 1/2 white Reaver King and we found out it was caused by his blood at the club where Gavin beat his ass, we quarenteened the area and had it cleaned up, I brain jacked George to think it was all good so he wouldn’t come looking for Ben or Gavin
- looks like Ben is on our crew now?
- Decklan was mugged or targeted in an ally and gravely injured, stabbed 6 times in vital areas, I mentally froze the guys and we rushed him to the ship to help him
- I did surgery and was amazing and saved his life
- Decklan was laid up in the infirmary while we watched him on the telly win the scoundrel classic….wut
- turns out Decklan has a twin and they were both competing, Decklan’s twin Deacan stormed on board after Oliver and Riley confronted him about the classic, he demanded to see Decklan…at first I wasn’t sure if he was a friend or foe so I demanded to know who he was, he said he was his brother so I took him back to see Decklan
- Deacan decided they were going to have to tell George about the two of them since the guys from the mugging/attack were still frozen in the alley and needed brought to justice


1 AP, Bullet Points FTW

Segovia's Notes - Game #6

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