Violet Hill

Segovia's Notes - Game #5

We’re a few days out from Blue Heaven and Annie and I spend the time getting to know the crew a little better. She also asked me to talk with Enoch because he was having a really hard time after the whole Maggs thing. I did chat with him, I think both he and Levi are pretty torn up over it all, but they just need to know that there are still people that care about them and that those people are going to try and help them get back Maggs and Florence. I know they don’t believe it’s possible, but Reds feel compatible to me, so I haven’t given up hope. Even if my Hive is full I can still turn them Violet, which should break their Red Sovereign’s control. We just have to figure out a game plan…and, although they didn’t seem very interested in helping with the planning part, I know that’s just because they’re hurting right now. I think I’ll run some tactics by Riley and Oliver and see what they can come up with…I mean, they’re professionals at this right?

Things got just a bit uncomfortable when Gavin talked with Oliver about me. In front of me nonetheless…I suppose since they were talking in another language they thought that made it alright, except in their minds I could understand them…guess that’s a bit nosy, using my telepathy to eavesdrop, but the way Oliver was staring at me I just kind of assumed something bad was being discussed…and then when I realized Gavin was telling him I liked him. Well, I couldn’t not listen. I may have had years worth of social etiquette training, but I’m still a woman…which means my curiosity got the better of me. And apparently Oliver knew this whole time I fancied him! He said he could tell by the way my eyes dialated and …my smell. That’s pretty embarassing….then again, so is being caught eavesdropping, which he did, catch me. And the way he kept staring, I wasn’t sure if he was upset with me for using my telepathy on them or contemplating a bedroom tussle. Made me a bit flustered, which isn’t something I’m used to, so I just let it drop for the moment and flitted off like a scared 14 year old. Honestly, Gavin is not most immature on this ship. Sigh.

Riley smooth talked the dock master at Blue Heaven to let us land at a VIP dock and George, the founder of Blue Heaven, even came out to personally greet us. He’s quite the charmer. I understand why Riley made a bit of a fuss about him. George invited us to an invitation only party and everyone readily agreed. Oliver said he would stay on the ship to make sure it was looked after…and I was a bit excited…thinking I could stay behind and maybe spend a bit of time with him, but he insisted that I go to the party. I suppose he just wasn’t interested in company at the time…..and I suppose I don’t have him figured out quite yet.

The group went to George’s invite only club and had a few drinks. Gavin even had a sip and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Riley spotted three people he said he knew…“superhuman” is what he called them and told Annie and I to go talk to them. I’m very good at conversation I’d like to think…at least after all the training in the Companion House, but Riley not even telling us an objective…well, it was a bit rude. Honestly, it’s a surprise that Oliver thinks he’s the surly one on the ship. But despite Riley’s little move, Annie and I did very well chatting with Superhuman and learning about them. They seemed genuine, and on top of it, even seemed like they want to help. I hope we can be friends with these people, maybe coordinate efforts. We also learned that Jasper, the gentlemen in their group, is what they call a Null Red, which means he can cancel out powers. This was quite the stroke of luck and on a hunch I just asked him flat out if we could hire him. Annie and I were honest about why we wanted to use his ability, to save Maggs and Florence, and he seemed open to the idea of helping us. This is the verse I’m used to…one with people who are kind and think of others. For a moment there, I had forgotten what it was like. I appreciate that Artemis and her friends reminded me.

We also had the chance to chat with the current Scoundrel Classic race leader, a man named Decklan. He was a bit, ….well, off putting, but Annie seemed to like him fine and extended an offer to him to join up with us. He seemed pretty interested and wanted to come find us after the tournament was finished. Which is fine, Riley and Oliver did impress upon us that this needed to be recruitment. We can’t exactly win a war with no people on our side.

While we were finishing up our conversation with Decklan, Gavin went a bit … well, nuts. He rushed over to a man that had walked into the bar and just went berserk on him. Fighting so fiercely that even Riley and George were trying to pull Gavin off this man.

Gavin kept saying he was a white and here to kill him, but the man seemed very normal. Granted he could heal quickly and he wasn’t compatible with Annie or myself, which means he isn’t human or Red, but he just didn’t feel like Gavin does…he didn’t feel White. I suppose Gavin is a bit more of an expert in that area, but we were able to talk Gavin down a bit. I read the man’s mind and he genuinely didn’t even know what Red was, let alone White. He seemed lost and like someone had hurt him in the past. Is it possible he had a similar experience to Petra…was he maybe abducted and forced to become White? The man forgave Gaving pretty quickly and even seemed amicable enough about the whole situation to ask us for a ride off the station when the tournament was over. I know Gavin doesn’t feel comfortable with that, but we need to know what is different about this man. Finding answers to questions like these will help us stay one step ahead of those that want to do us harm. I’ll just make sure to have Gavin stick a bit closer to Oliver so he feels safe. Can’t blame him there…I feel safe around him too.

With the night’s festivities over, quite literally since George threw us out of the party, we went back to the ship a bit downtrodden. Enoch and Levi weren’t on board, they snuck off to get drunk…and I suppose none of us can blame them for that. If alcohol didn’t make me feel so terrible I’d have done the same when Sauder and Noah were killed. Annie didn’t seem to mind the boys were gone, maybe she knows they need some time to themselves? Her and Riley went off together and Gavin quietly went to bed. Poor boy. I was still wide awake and decided it would be a good time to pester Oliver and maybe have some tea.

Oliver was actually much more open than I thought he’d be…and it was….well, I honestly haven’t talked to a guy like that before, it was nice. And we share quite a few interested, he even likes to horseback ride. It would be nice to be able to take him to Gran’s ranch and spend some time with him there. Away from the crazy of all this Alliance Red turmoil. He seemed a bit shocked I’d want to spend time off the ship with him, doing things, and said he just couldn’t understand what I saw in him. Why I would bother with him, when I could do better. He thinks too poorly of himself. He’s the most loyal and trustworthy person I know. He cares about his crew more deeply than I’ve seen some care about their “family”. And despite how cruelly he was brought up he’s maintained the ability to care more about others than he does about himself. That makes him quite a remarkable man in my eyes. And he can grow an apple tree in a room in a spaceship…that makes me smile. He said he still didn’t understand, but that his life had been hard, and if he was going to get a break, he wasn’t going to question it. To be someone’s “good” in their day, to be their hope…it’s an amazing thing, made me feel warmer inside than the sun room ever has. I gave him a kiss…and that turned into a few more kisses. I could tell he wanted more, and honestly I did too, but I don’t want to be a contract to him, I don’t want this to feel like he’s my client. I want this to feel like, and be,….more.


+2 AP, neat log.

Segovia's Notes - Game #5

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