Violet Hill

Segovia's Notes - Game #4

The last few weeks have been … dreamlike. As if I was expecting to wake and find that none of this had happened and I’d been visiting Gran and hit my head. I imagine Gabe was thinking the same thing when he woke … that whatever was going on was a dream.

But he adjusted quickly, listened to our explanation of Violet and what happened and accepted it. I’m not sure if that was because Gabe is just more…world worn…of if it’s because of the Alate connection we feel. Like a pull towards one another. When he woke and was nervous and freaked out, I wanted nothing more than to hold him, make him feel safe. Maybe that has more to do with my telepathy…maybe since I truly feel their emotions too, it affects me more? I suppose those are questions I’ll have to pose to Gavin.

Gabe’s ability is speed, like Devlin’s, and with his scrupulous background I can already tell he’ll be able to use it effectively and be a competent fighter, which is good, considering I’m a bit of a drain on the group…I can’t exactly fight. I will say that using my telepathy to help….can turn the tides, so to speak, during combat. But also made me feel just terrible. I turned people against their comrades, had them maim and kill their friends…not something I ever imagined I’d be a part of. But when there’s gun fire singing above your head…I suppose what you’re capable of changes a bit to when your simply pondering things from the comfort of a ship.

The two gentlemen that Annie turned also woke disoriented, but the transition worked on them as well and they woke with abilities: Enoch with Micah’s ability and Levi with something I hadn’t seen before…a spacial awareness and he could teleport too. No doubt that ability will come in handy, especially during this next mission, which is to find and extract the King’s Gambit’s two wayward crewmen, friends of Annie’s, Florence and Mags. Levi and Enoch wanted to try and go after them before they were Violet…which since they are being held at a Red training facility / laboratory, it’s certainly a good thing they agreed to be Violet before trying to break in. And thankfully, Mycah and the crew have intel on this facility, turns out it’s a place they’ve been to before. And since they’ve been there before Mycah was the one to plan the op…which, after learning the details of his plan, I didn’t like it one bit. Mycah and the original Umbra’s crew is going to lead a frontal assault on the facility, taking everyone in their path down, while Annie and my group will follow behind and look for Florence and Mags. I think a frontal assault is far to dangerous and besides…that means they’ll be killing a lot of people…which just doesn’t sit right with me, even if they are bad people.

Thankfully the op went better, at least at first, than I thought. Mycah and the crew actually managed to simply knock most of the people out instead of simply killing everyone in their paths. I’m honestly betting that’s because they’re wanting to accommodate me, or not traumatize me…I mean doesn’t it make more sense tactically to eliminate the enemy. I suppose there are quite a few things about war, about fighting, I just don’t understand yet.

After Mycah and his group cleared out the facility of Reds we found Mags and Florence pretty easily. But of course there were more Reds in the room with them, one was a Precog…or at least that’s what she called herself. She said she didn’t particularly work for the Alliance, and told us if Levi went into the room with Mags something terrible, that he’d never get over, was going to happen. Annie asked him to not go to let her handle it, but since Mags is his sister, of course he didn’t agree. I looked over at Annie, conveying with a look, that I could stop him if she wanted….she just shook her head no. But I could tell, in her heart, she didn’t want him in that room if it meant something bad was going to happen to him…so I stopped him. Froze him in mid step, just thought…don’t move…and it was like he was frozen in time. I suppose my telepathy is a bit more powerful than I’d realized. Maybe I can be useful to the crew….

Mags and Florence were hooked up to machines and when I pulled them off the meds they shot up, Reds, and were hostile. Mags can control light it would seem and she “drained” us of our light so we couldn’t use our abilities anymore, while Florence used gravity to keep us pinned and immobile. Mags used that absorbed light to blast Enoch and then they fled. Once we were free from the gravity pull we grabbed Enoch and got back to the ship as fast as we could. He was burned pretty badly, …it even burned some of his lungs so he was barely breathing. I helped Noah before, with some pretty nasty wounds, he taught me a saying to steady my hands while I worked, something simple that didn’t distract me, but just that extra something that filled the part of my brain that would worry, filled it with words instead … “keep a steady hand on the tiller and your grass will be better than the miller’s”…I’m not ashamed to say I repeated that several times while working on Enoch. And when we had him stable and he was breathing easy I sent a silent little thank you up to Noah.

After, we all needed some time in the Sun room to recharge. Levi approached me and demanded to know if it had been my idea to freeze him and if Annie truly had nothing to do with it. I suppose that means that Annie told him what happened, I guess it was a bit too much to ask for, not a fib, but at least the soft version of what happened to be told to him. Thankfully he seemed reasonable after I explained that I was just trying to keep him safe. He made himself very clear that I wasn’t to be getting in his way again where his sister was involved, which I understand and agreed to, but I can’t not do the right thing when I have the chance…and saving Levi, it was the right thing…even if he is mad at me. Even if Annie didn’t stand up for me…I’d do it again to protect him.

When we all left the sun room the crew was gone…the ship was quiet…fearing something terrible had happened, since the last time we lost contact with them the Alliance snatched them up I went running through the ship. A man, who called himself Monroe, was in the bridge…told us the others were on the alien craft we could see through the glass of the bridge. Annie was strangely hostile to the man and I had to wonder if they’d met before, but he didn’t act as though he knew her. Monroe teleported us over to the alien ship and we chatted with Mycah, he told us what was going on…and apologized for scaring us by being gone when we got out of the room. Turns out the Sovereign, Petra, came back…she needs the crews help to fight another front of this ever escalating war. Another kind, or branch of the Whites, is rising up and only very powerful violets can stop it. She wants us to stay here and try to stop what the Alliance is doing while the rest of the Umbra crew joins back up with her to fight the aliens. I mean, logically it makes sense, but I’m still very sad it has to be this way. I actually had felt like I’d made a few friends. After Noah and Sauder were killed and Arden’s betrayal … well, I wasn’t ready to give my new friends up so quickly. But it appears that I don’t have a choice. And I suppose it was naive on my part, but I fancied Oliver a bit…and I shouldn’t have, not so soon after Arden, but he’s everything that Arden wasn’t…Oliver is beyond loyal to his friends and I suppose that quality is just something that I’ve learned to value quite a bit, a quality I suppose I’d like to experience, be on the receiving end of, when it comes to a man. Being a companion hasn’t exactly led to meaningful relationships, loyal relationships…if I’m honest with myself it’s left me feeling a bit hollow. Gran was right, it wasn’t the right thing for me. Maybe the Universe works in mysterious but wonderful ways. Maybe these awful events are going to lead my life in a better direction, perhaps I, just as Gran would put it, have to fall before I can pick myself back up and stand taller than I ever have before.

I asked that Petra leave Gavin with us, since it was safer and she agreed. I imagine once Gavin learns that I was the one that made the request he’ll resent me quite a bit…and I wouldn’t blame him, I’m taking him away from his family. Still, just like with Levi, it’s the right thing to do…and if he hates me for it, well, at least he’ll be alive to hate me. Petra also “gifted” Annie and I with something, she didn’t really say what it was, but she’s been Violet far longer than me so I was grateful for any help she was willing to give. Annie seemed reluctant to let Petra “gift” her with something and was a bit rough with her, perhaps she’s worried about Sovereign control? I suppose I probably should be too. We met the rest of Petra’s crew, they all seemed really nice and I felt almost like, a family connection with them, which made it all the harder to leave. We returned to the Umbra, which Mycah told us to take ….Riley didn’t make himself present to be said goodbye to, Mycah said Riley and Petra had a big fight and he hadn’t seen him since…I could tell Annie was really disappointed. And Oliver wasn’t around either, but I imagine emotions and goodbyes probably aren’t his thing. I should have taken Jasmine’s advice and just told him I fancied him a bit…guess it’s a bit strange for a companion to be shy about that sort of thing. Suppose it doesn’t really matter now, I’m not likely to see him for a very long time.

We returned to the Umbra, quiet and downtrodden, Gavin was clearly upset and ran off to his room. I can’t imagine this will be something he’ll get over quickly and my heart bleeds for him. Annie and I still plan on making our way to Blue Heaven so we went to the bridge to set course…Riley and Oliver were there waiting…and the alien craft with Petra and the others had already left. So they were staying. They didn’t even make a big deal out of it, just passed the bridge off to us … and Oliver touched my shoulder on the way out…did Jasmine say something to him? I plugged our course in for Blue Heaven and watched the stars speed by as we set underway…I could almost hear Sauder, “best part of any journey’s always the beginning…always the possibility of a fresh start”.


2 AP, really loved the insight and great finds on the gifs.

Segovia's Notes - Game #4

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