Violet Hill

Segovia's Notes - Game #3

I suppose I did believe them that the Alliance were doing some terrible things…at least I thought I did. But then we showed up at Harvest, a little rim planet, and to a farm…where the Alliance were bombing them…and I learned that believing something is still so very different than seeing it.

I was flying which meant I had to keep us out of the missile fire, which I accomplished for the most part, but Devlin kept having to startle me back into the moment. The atrocity that was taking place kept making me freeze up, I need to work on that. The last thing this group needs is someone freezing up during a fight and causing someone to get hurt. Not really sure how I can “work on that”, but something tells me Oliver or Mycah will have an idea.

After we shot down the Alliance ship we landed by the farm. Mycah sent Annie, Gavin and myself to the residence to check for survivors…turns out the Alliance were looking for survivors too. And this time I didn’t freeze up…instead I squealed a bit…and of course they heard me and started making their way to us…with very large guns. Both Gavin and Annie were quick to respond and I ended up being able to use my telepathy on one of the Alliance boys, making him “protect us”. I basically ducked down the entire time while the Alliance Red took care of it. That is, until the residence of the farm showed up, massive hover craft sized pistol in hand, and blew him away. Needless to say more ducking for cover happened. Turns out the residence was a woman named Jasmine, who is equally beautiful as she is capable of protecting herself, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little threatened by her. I’m not too good at anything that someone else isn’t better at…Devlin’s a better pilot, Gavin’s a better doctor…I’m just a companion. Hell, I even offered my services to Mycah and his crew…and was turned down. Aside from the fact that I’m Violet and they feel responsible and a bit stuck with me I’m not entirely sure why they even want me on their ship. I suppose I need to figure a way out to be helpful to them. Jasmine was also very eager to be Violet, which seemed to please the crew…yet another way she’s proving herself to the boys. A bit ironic really, my second guessing my value and capability now when I never have before. Perhaps Arden’s betrayal cut me a little deeper than I realized.

Turns out the Alliance were after old communication relay towers by Jasmine’s farm and her father, who was next to them at the time, was gunned down by the Alliance ship. She certainly seems like she has a taste for vengeance now. We buried him under the willow tree in their pasture, Jasmine packed her things, boarded our ship and didn’t look back. My heart bled for her and although I was honestly pretty terrified of the whole “make someone Violet thing” I couldn’t deny her what she wanted after she’d just been through something so painful.

Jasmine seemed to fit in quickly with the crew and her new surroundings. I’m sure that’s in part to her personality, but also because her mutation is similar to Oliver’s…she’s adaptive. Mycah was true to his word and as soon as we left Harvest we set course for Ariel to see Tia. After the spectacle on Harvest I’m now firmly convinced poor Tia was roped into a trap and is in grave danger. I’m very thankful that Mycah and the crew are going to be going with me, I know I won’t be able to protect her, but I trust them to help her.

Once we arrived Tia was actually….totally fine….She said she told the Alliance boys to leave her alone and she gave me some of my clothes and a few shoes she was able to sneak away from the Alliance when they confiscated my belongings. It was quite the relief she was alright, but also….Tia my dear, what a bad ass you are. My Gran would love to meet you. And I even think you’d be a perfect match for Devlin. ….I need to work on that mentality…here we are in the middle of a war….and I’m matchmaking. In my defense, Companion house training is intensive and thorough. But I suppose despite still having my license, I’m not really a companion anymore. I mean, it’s not as if I can report for my annual exam. They’d find out I was Violet, snatch me up and I’d never see the light of day again. Maybe I should ask Riley to erase me like he did for Annie.

Tia also provided me with some intel on Arden. Turns out that snake set down in Ariel to find himself another companion. Idiot. He should have known at the very least I’d have him blacklisted, if not bring up formal charges against him. Of course if he’s in bed with the Alliance I suppose that would have been a very bad move. A small group of us went to Arden’s ship to collect my things…only to find the ship ransacked, quiet and the crew dead. I couldn’t tell what killed them, they were just dead, with their eyes and mouths open, with a bit of a shocked expression twisted onto their faces. Between the fighting earlier with the Alliance ship and seeing my old friends like that…I’m going to continue to see all that every time I try to close my eyes. I suppose not having to sleep as a Violet is going to have its benefits. I’ve just gotten a small glimpse into the evil in the universe and it makes me shutter, makes me feel cold and alone. The poor crew…everything they must have gone through. The fact that they’re still doing as well as they are, it’s a small miracle honestly.

On our way off Arden’s ship Mycah noticed a man, in a slaver’s cage, who was in bad shape. Turned out a Red must have been on board because this man was infected, and dying from it. Which explains Arden’s and the other’s deaths….a Red was responsible. We pulled the gentleman back onto the Umbra to let Gavin take a look at him and try to help, but the Red was too far gone and Gavin told us he either had to be turned Violet quickly or he was going to die via Red exposure. Of course I couldn’t let that happen and quickly gave him Violet. I mean this could be my fault, if I’d turned Arden in maybe this poor gentlemen wouldn’t have gotten caught up in Arden’s web. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if and when this mystery man wakes up. Annie, Riley and I went back to the docks to see if we could track down some video surveillance and see what happened to Arden and his crew, but the place was crawling with Reds and knowing what happened just wasn’t as important as keeping my friends safe, so I made the call to head back to the ship empty handed. Hopefully Mr. Mystery will have some information for us.

And poor Annie, no sooner had we arrived back on the Umbra than she’d gotten word that a close friend of her’s was in dire trouble, we set course immediately, I just hope we’re in time. And I suppose that’s all relevant, because we were in time, in time for Annie’s friends to convince her that she needed to turn them Violet.


2 AP, love the little gif blips. Nice find on the exploding farmhouse.

Segovia's Notes - Game #3

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