Violet Hill

Segovia's Notes - Game #2

I’m not really sure what to make of the last few days. If I’m honest I’m in a bit of shock really…

Gavin had an idea to help Corina. He proposed going to a “Zazz” and getting help. The crew seemed very against this, but agreed it might be the only way to help Corina and so they relented. Turns out a “Zazz” is literally a monster…although at first I didn’t believe them. In addition, Gavin was angry enough at being left behind on the last mission he gave an ultimatum…either he goes on missions, or he’s leaving. Mycah called for a vote…I’m not sure that was entirely appropriate, but I do agree with Gavin and so I voted. Clearly Gavin can take better care of himself than even I can, so it would have been hypacritical of me to disagree. Since this was Gavin’s mission he got to pick the ground team…him, Oliver, Annie and myself. Apparently Zazz is less likely to hurt women.

We arrived on a jungle planet where Zazz was housed. The planet was a Red training facility for the Alliance. I now understand why Zazz is here…food. The Reds are his food. Annie called him the King of Reavers…and she was right. What I saw on that planet will live in a dark part of my mind forever. As Zazz chased me…I couldn’t help but think that this is what animals must feel like when they’re hunted…an utter fear that takes over your mind and your soul, until there’s nothing left but terror. I believe I’m a vegetarian now.

After the ordeal Annie and I woke in the infirmary. Corina was healed and back on her feat…a blessing truly, but Oliver was in a coma. Zazz had attacked him, damaged him badly enough…although I didn’t see any body wounds…but that was when I heard him scream…an anguished sound that I knew was his, but there was no sound….it was in my mind, my very soul. Gavin explained I was a telepath. I suppose that makes sense, empathy was always one of my strong suits. He explained mind to mind connections and suggested I attempt to wake Oliver as his own attempts hadn’t worked. Annie must have some empathy of her own, she must have seen my reluctance to go alone, and so we both linked with Oliver…followed his thoughts….

He was a little boy, beaten by slavers if he didn’t do his “job”….return the slaves to their posts, or he would be punished. Such a thing to do to a child, a slave himself, forced to subject others, forced to hurt, to make them suffer. Annie comforted young Oliver while I looked on…I couldn’t help but feel his broken spirit. It’s a wonder he has any connection to the crew. What he went through….it’s obvious to me now that his silence, his reclusiveness, he fears connection with people on so many levels. That connection gives people power over him, power he likely swore he’d never let another person wield against him. Connection for him also means that he can’t do what needs to be done…it would hurt too much. Too much pain when he was little, he’s guarding himself against it now. Who can blame him for that. But that’s no life to live. I have to show him that, have to show him that the chance of pain is worth it in the end. I pulled Oliver from his coma and he left, not really sparing a look back.

Annie is a magnapath? I’m not sure the word for it, but she can use magnetism to move and control metal. I imagine that will prove beyond useful for her. Mycah made, I’m sorry, suggested heavily to Annie and I that we needed to get a grip on our powers as we were headed somewhere and would be there in two hours…and that we needed to be fully prepared and capable. Two hours. He expects us to adapt in two hours. No wonder his crew is tight rope high, walking on eggshells, stressed. They face the impossible. Mycah himself has to hold them to a ridiculous standard, not his fault, I realize he’s just trying to keep them alive. But it’s a wonder things haven’t crumbled for them before now.

I wanted to help them, but I wanted to do it as a human, as just me…the whole Violet thing scared me quite a bit, honestly still does. But now, after seeing all they’re dealing with…I’m reluctant to admit they were right. Humans don’t stand a chance…not in a fight against them….not to help them….and not against these odds.


1 AP, great little piece and introspective look into Olivier. Really like at the end how Segovia’s perception of things is beginning to change.

Segovia's Notes - Game #2

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