Violet Hill

Segovia's Cortex Waves - Game #3

I’m safe and with a group of people that are looking out for me.

I’ve got a bit of a spot light on me right now, and not in a good way, one of my friends is a genius when it comes to the cortex…he, well, he erased you. It wasn’t safe. All these years you’ve been saying how the Alliance were out to get the little folk…I really just always thought that was angry Granny talk….like how you’d grumble about the grocery charging too much. But you were right Gran, they really really are out to get people. Now they’re kind of out to get me. I’ll keep safe and be smart about things like you taught me, but I wanted you to know so you could be careful too. My friend took care of wiping you from the Cortex so I might be able to visit you soon. I miss you. And please don’t worry, my friends are beyond capable…and handsome too ;)

All my love,



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