Violet Hill

Annie's Log 1

The job advert did not lead to what I expected. It’s been better and worse all at the same time, but I’ll get to that. First I’ve gotta say, prettiest gorram boat I have ever seen. Boat ain’t a good enough term for what the Umbra is, ain’t a moniker in the ‘Verse that’s good enough for her so boat will just have to do. Pretty crew too, and only two of ‘em even knew about the advert. Situation wasn’t funny, but their facial expressions kind of were when two of us showed up to apply.

The crews reluctance to bring more folk on, even just for one job, made me feel some reluctance to carry on with my application. Part of that might have been Olivier’s gnarly lookin’ scyths… Hell, most of my reluctance was due to those. But the Umbra was just TOO. DAMN. PRETTY. Couldn’t resist. Meeting Reilly might’ve had something to do with that too. Hard to say “no” when given the chance to work with one of your heroes.

Ai ya! I am rambling. So messy, I hate that. Time to make some lists.

Firstly, let’s talk about folks:

  • Me – Haha, just kidding. I know who I am. The only thing worth noting ’bout me is that I was fool enough to take this job for the sake of a shiny shiny ship.
  • Segovia – My fellow job applicant, nice that I ain’t the only new one. Wish her name was shorter. A Companion, lovely inside and out, not used to working jobs like this… neither am I. Not really sure anyone should be working jobs like this. A helluva a pilot. Good driver. We’re pretty different, but I think we can be friends.
  • Reilly – Techy, hacker, genius. Sent Segovia and I the job advert and conducted our “interviews.” Master of keeping secrets. A smartass. …Bet he’s reading this…. Witty. I meant witty.
  • Gavin – A kid, but can do ALL the things. Seriously. All of ’em. Designed Umbra. Patched Segovia up when we first boarded. Always working on something. Protected by all of the crew, worth it.
  • Mycah – Captain. Mechanic. Not as good as me though, his heart’s just not in it. Serious, but can crack a smile when appropriate. Cares about his crew.
  • Olivier – Biggety badass. Pretends like he’s a mute, but he ain’t. Got his approval, I think. And Reilly said it wasn’t possible, ha!
  • Corina – First mate. Said she used to play violin a little, but Segovia acted like it was more than “a little.” I guess if she ever decides she wants me to know, she’ll tell me. Quiet. Also, best cook ever.
  • Devlan – Lots of energy and he’s got a smart mouth. Sassy. Pilot? Hard to tel since he let’s Segovia take the lead on that now. A fighter like the others.

Time to hear about the bad:

  • I wasn’t being completely paranoid, Pops really is still hunting after me. According to Reilly he’s been keeping tabs all along. Hwen dan. Some Bailong Tong even turned up at the scrap yard during my job interview, not that I noticed. I was right to leave the Gambit after all.
  • The Purple bellies are even worse than I thought. And we’re definitely on their bad side now.
  • More of the dangerous kind of excitement than I’m accustomed to.
  • The sounds of men screaming will haunt my sleep for a while.
  • Ah, and to stay and be more durable (for all the dangerous excitement) I’ve got to go through a potentially deadly experiment.

Finally, the silver lining, good stuff:

  • The Umbra, she is shiny. Fancy, clean, and there are kuh ai little robots that help keep her that way. Precious.
  • The crew, to each other they’re family. That’s nice to see.
  • Reilly made it so the ‘Verse thinks I’m dead, so that’ll buy some time with the family. Hope Mags and them don’t learn about it.
  • Finally got to see Blue Heaven! And it is. Heaven. Segovia and Mycah are fun to shop with. One for girly things, one for explody things.
  • More excitement then I’m accustomed to. I won’t be bored.


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Annie's Log 1

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