Violet Hill

Annie Log 2

Please, please, let it not be my fault that Mags and Florence got nabbed by the gorram Alliance. Wo de tian a, please let it not be my fault. I can deal with just about anything else but that. Now Levi and Enoch are in this too, for good. Violet. I shouldn’t of let Enoch make that decision while he was all messed up on Mags’ “medicinal” plants. Not that he wouldn’t of made the same choice, never seen a man so in love with a woman as he is with Mags.

Waking up violet was a trip. My power’s super cool, I do like feeling like a gao guhn super hero. That, and our new family here on the Umbra, are the best thing about this mess Segovia and I have got ourselves in, if I’m honest. I know I make it sound like I’m only in it for the Umbra, she is so very shiny, but that’s mostly talk. I could always make a ship better, can’t do much if the crew’s a yī dà tuó dà biàn.

The worst thing about all this? Front row seats to witness the Alliance tear folks lives apart.

Segovia’s having a rough time adjustin.’ I ain’t sayin’ she’s never had shit happen in her life, we all have. The ‘Verse is just like that. But she ain’t never let it harden her. That’s a good thing though, it’s one of the things I like about her. The rest of us need that perspective or pretty soon I think we’ll have a hard time bein’ heroes. Glad her friend is okay. Hope mine are too…

I ain’t never been the praying sort, but if there is a god, or buddha, or whatever, out there… I will pray to all of ‘em to get Mags and Flo back in one piece. And I will happily let Florence scold me for calling her ’Flo’. A thousand thousand times.



Annie Log 2

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